Face Painting

FACE PAINTING a hugely popular and a must have for any children party.

I only use professional, high quality face paints which are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and contain anti-bacterial ingredients. They are water based so will wipe off with a wet wipe, or if on cloths in a washing mashine. Some paints in particular the blues, green and red matte colours can leave tint of colour on the skin. The hint of colour will will disappear after a day or if soap and a warm flannel is used. All face paint should be washed off before going to bed. . I use clean sponge for each child.

Children under 2 cannot be painted because their immune system not fully developed. Children under 3 can have a smaller paint however if they cant sit still then they will not be painted to avoid distress and injury to the child

Glitter tattoos

This type of tattoo is applied using prosthetic glue over a stencil with a brush, and glitter is applied over the glue to make a dazzling design. We don’t apply this on face. These are suitable for age 3 upwards. These tattoos are designed to stay on for up to a week, and can be difficult to remove during the first 3 days. The glue will degrade gradually and at around 5 days can be soaked in the bath and peeled off or with baby oil.


  • 2hour session £60 (15-20 faces) + glitter tattoo extra £20
  • 3hour session £90 (20-30 faces) + glitter tattoo extra £30

50% non refundable deposit will be needed to secure your day.