FAQ’s – bouncing castles

How Much space do i need?

The inflatable needs an extra 2 feet either side and an extra 10 feet for the blower behind and the mats at the front. So if an inflatable is 15ft x11ft you would need a space that is 25ft x 15ft.

Do I have to pay now if i book online?

Yes, Booking fees are now required on all bookings, as we have many customers requesting the same dates the booking fees paid is to secure the date. If you do not pay the Booking fee at time of booking the booking will be cancelled with no reminders being sent

Do I need to setup the equipment myself?

No our delivery driver will setup and pack away all the equipment.

I have booked a hall can i have specific times?

Yes, Please call to discuss the details.

How long do I have the inflatable for?

The inflatables are delivered between 07:30 and 13:00 on a geographical round basis and then collected in the same order between 17:00 and 20:30. So every one gets their choice of inflatable for the same amount of time.

What do I do if it rains?

If it’s a light shower its ok to leave the inflatable on. In the event of heavy rain first get the children off the inflatable and then switch off at the mains. Once the rain has stopped switch the unit back on and dry off with a towel. Don’t let the children go back on until the bouncing bed is dry to avoid slips and collisions.
Please ensure that if it is raining that the blower and extension lead, if supplied, are placed in a dry area. Dancing Stars P.S. accepts NO responsibility for damaged electrical equipment due to negligence

Can I have a later collection time?

Yes as long as this is pre-arranged when booking or sorted out with the driver on delivery( Extra charges apply)

Is there a charge for cancellation?

Cancellation 21 days before the event full payment given back.
Cancellation 20-2days before the event a fee of 30% will be charged, you can rebook your appointment without loosing any money
Cancellation the day of event or before day a fee of 100% will be charged.
If on the day the weather is really bad we may have to cancel due to health and safety.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we have £5 million public liability insurance.

Can you have an inflatable inside?

Yes, Please check the height of the ceiling when you visit or book the venue and check that against the inflatable of your choice before you book

Can you put the inflatable on concrete/ tarmac/gravel/paving?

No sorry, due to the health and safety aspect it is not possible. As each anchor point would need 165kg securing it to the floor. The minimum on any of our units is 6 anchor points. So to satisfy health and safety the inflatable would need 990kg minimum to hold it down.

Does the fan have to be on all the time?

Whilst the inflatable is in use it needs to remain switched on. If for any part of the day it is not in use switch it off at the mains and push the castle onto its self so its not laying on the grass. Do not let any adults, children or pets onto the inflatable whilst its deflated.

Do I have to be there when you deliver?

There needs to be a responsible adult present that can sign our hire agreement and you will need to provide 2 forms of I.D. i.e. Driver’s Licence, Utility Bill etc. this forms part of the hire agreement

There is no electric on site, is this a problem?

Yes, You will need to provide a 240 volts mains power supply no more than 30 metres

What happens if I have a technical issue with the equipment on the day?

Rest assured we are always contactable. Usually 99% of technical issues can be resolved over the phone; however we will come back out to you if not.
What will happen if when you arrive the hired item will not fit.
A fee of 100% will be charged minus any booking fee paid from the total price of the booking including the delivery fee will be charged to cover our fuel costs and our drivers time. You should check measurements on our web site and make sure gardens, walkways and gates are big enough for our items to fit.
Do I have to supply our own music to connect to the Disco Bouncy Castle
Yes you do as we do not have a music licence, please ensure tho that you remove your music Ipod/Ipad/Android device before we collect the Inflatable as we Dancing Stars Party Services can not be held responsible for any damage caused to the device during the deflation of the inflatable. We Dancing Stars Party Services can not be held responsible what so ever for any loss or damage to any music device while in the rear speaker compartment. We advise the hirer to keep the music device on them selves to prevent any loss or damage.

What if there has been a lot of rain the day before my hire?

We always watch the weather and we will see how long the rain has been in your area for and will have to cancel if we think the ground would be to wet to hold safely hold the pegs in. The safety of you and your guests always comes first.
What happens if a thunder storm is forecast.
If we have not already arrived to setup, the booking will be cancelled and you will have the chance to rebook a date ,If there is a storm expected during the hire once we have been to setup we reserve the right to collect the castle if we think our equipment is at risk especially the Disco Bouncy Castle as there are electric’s running through.

Do you set up the inflatable if it is windy?

No due to health and safety we can setup the inflatable in winds/gusts of up to a maximum wind speed of Force 5 on the Beaufort scale, we will under no circumstance setup any inflatable if the wind speed is over 19 mph. Force 5 is a fresh breeze when small trees in leaf begin to sway, whereas Force 6 is a strong breeze when large branches are in motion and umbrellas can only be handled with difficulty.
If strong winds are forecast we will contact you the day before the hire to rearrange the booking, if you still insist and want to go ahead with the booking and when we arrive the wind is stronger than recommended wind speed as above, then we will have to cancel the booking and a 100% fee will be due including delivery fee, all of our drivers carry a wind Anemometer and will show you the wind speed.
Will i lose my booking fee and any monies paid if the hire is cancelled due to bad weather
No if we have to cancel the booking due to bad weather you will be able to choose another date to hire or full payment of your booking

What happens if I am not around when you to turn up to make the delivery?

If when we arrive no one is around we will try to make contact by the phone numbers given on the booking form, if we get no response from the numbers we will wait 15 minutes but then we will have to go as we will be expected at another customers. You will be invoiced a cancellation fee of 100% the total booking fee to cover loss of income, drivers time and fuel.
Can you take a hired item through my house as i have no garden access.
No sorry.We need front or rear entrance which is minimum 1meter wide and cleared from toys,bins,tools etc to your garden.
What if i the customer or anyone damages the hire equipment or puts the item out of use by any means (including but not only limited to, Damage to bed or walls by foul play, damage to any included equipment, ripping or damaging the inflatables, damage by pets, Vomit, Feces, Urine, Blood.